Prince has two new titles!

There is a big big surprise for I want to tell! Prince, Wedgewood's Warrior Within Sneaks Thru The Night TKP, has two new titles! CMKU confirmed his Junior Champion title of Czech republic on September 30 and he also get his adult Championship! Prince is a new Czech Champion since today! He met the conditions on 28th of August! Thanks to my friend who told me the rules were changed. Prince get his first point on 20th of June and finished on 28th of August. Isn't he awesome? I am so so proud of my boy, who maybe beat the record. So happy to have this treasure at home.

Party's son, Game On @ Skylake Diamond Rush aka Blue, participated at two shows: HRV Dogshow Genk - BOB Baby and selected in final 6 BIS Luxembourg 100th International Dogshow 2021 - BOB baby, BEST IN SHOW BABY!!!

Congratulation to his owner!