PF 2016

We wish you all the best to New Year!

And what happend to us last year?

Main change in 2015 was a new family member.
A little border collie male named Tex flew from USA to our home. He started his show carrier and he did very well. He always won baby and puppy classes. He become BIS baby at special show and BIS puppy at regional show. He also become Transylvania Junior Winner, Romania Junior Champion, got first BOB and r.JBIS in his early 10 months, Cruft's qualification 2016, pass ZVOP exam and much more.
Roxy fulfiled condition for agility elite level A3, trained herding a lot and FCI confirmed her International Champion title.
Ben was only at two events. Agility veteran competiton and funny dog show. He won 2nd place at agility race and he won both his classes at show and he become BIS veteran of the show out of many many dogs.

It was very nice year and we can't wait for the new one.