May Day's tulip race - agility

Ex Fast Missile from White Shine aka Ben - oldiest medium
jumping - 2nd place
agility - 3rd place
TOTAL - 2nd place in his nearly 14 years!
He got special price for the oldiest dog at race.

MultiCh. Brendy Ganden Monge aka Roxy - professionals medium
jumping - 1st place (clean run)
agility - 2nd place (she was too fast at seesaw:D)
TOTAL = 1st place

Wedgewood's Dark Lord aka Tex - puppies (tunnels and jumping obstacles without bars)
1. run - 2nd place (one mistake, I am so slow for him)
2. run - 1st place (one refusal, again I am so slow)
TOTAL = 1st place! Tex was the youngiest puppy but he was the fastiest!