Club shows 2019

Thanks to Veronika Tvrda and Lukas Lang for the photos!

Brendy Ganden Monge
31. 8. 2019, Hilary Kerr
Lovely bitch in a good condition, good overall shaped, nice eye colour, attentive to a handler, good use of ears, lovely turn of stifle, good tail lenght, moved well. Ex1
1. 9. 2019, Marina Scott
Very close behind, eyes a little round, very keen and alert expression, good neck, level topline, moved well round the ring. VG4

Wedgewood's Dark Lord
31. 8. 2019, Marina Scott
Looks a little unsound on the move, could have more substance over all, but attractive head, with prick ears, which are well placed on the head, little lacking in depth of chest, but moves with head and tail carried low. VG3
1. 9. 2019, Hilary Kerr
Nice overall shape, good neck and shoulders, uses his ears well, good expression, good turn of stifle, moves well, but needs to carry the tail lower. VG2