Club shows 2017

We spent two days at club's shows in Zbraslav. Tex and Roxy were entered to honour class. It means they get judgements and placement, but theres no CAC awarded and they can't compete for best male/female or BOB title.
Tex was very good 3rd out of 5 dogs on Saturday and excellent 1st out of 3 dogs on Sunday. Unfortunately I couldn't handle him on Sunday because I were in the second ring with Roxy. Thanks to Eva, who did it.
Roxy won her class out of 3 females on Saturday and was 2nd on Sunday. She was excellent both days.
I also handled open male boy Jack - good/excellent
Roxy's brother Arry in veteran class - excellent 1st and best coloured male / excellent 2nd
And Dexter on Saturday, champion class - excellent 3rd.
Ganden Monge kennel where is Roxy from - 4th best kennel out of 7 / 5th best kennel out of 5

I enjoyed this show a lot. I am happy I met all my friends and can't wait for the next year!