Prince has two new titles!

There is a big big surprise for I want to tell! Prince, Wedgewood's Warrior Within Sneaks Thru The Night TKP, has two new titles! CMKU confirmed his Junior Champion title of Czech republic on September 30 and he also get his adult Championship! Prince is a new Czech Champion since today! He met the conditions on 28th of August! Thanks to my friend who told me the rules were changed. Prince get his first point on 20th of June and finished on 28th of August. Isn't he awesome? I am so so proud of m ...

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Ještěd Sky Race Canicross race

Prince gets his first BOB title

Prince went BOS and Party pased IHT 1

Prince went Ex1, CAC, CACIB, CAC CMKU and BOS at International dogshow in Klatovy. It means he opened Interchampion and CMKU Champion title. Party pased IHT1 at herding trial in Libusin.

Roxy and Prince are new club champions

Party is back after puppies

Cooming soon

Prince met conditions for another juniorchampion title!

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Puppies are born!

5 females and 2 males

Prince is stud male now

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Happy Easter

Results from Genomia

PF 2021

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Holiday by the sea and new champions in our kennel

Bear With Me Diamond Rush - 2x Ex1, 2x CAC, 2x res. CACIB, Champion of MNE Brendy Ganden Monge - 2x Ex1, 2x BOV, RES BIS Veteran, Veteran Champion of MNE Wedgewood's Warrior Within Sneaks Thru The Night - 2x Ex1, 2x CAC, Champion of MNE

Votvirak revival race and new championship for Prince

Autumnal shows

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Prince's first race

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We passed a lot of exams and won some titles

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Quarantine and lots of photos

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Cruft's show 2020 - Party won her class!

Bear With Me Diamond Rush - 1st place Wedgewood's Warrior Within Sneaks Thru The Night - reserved Photos were taken by Martina Paulino and Monika Švarcová, thank you!

Preparing for Cruft's - Regional Dog Show KCHMPP

29.2.2020 Regional Dog Show KCHMPP, Lysá na Labem, judge: Petra Márová Wedgewood's Warrior Within - junior class - Excellent 1, Junior Class Winner (7) Brendy Ganden Monge - veteran class - Excellent 1, Veteran Class Winner (4)

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