Wedgewood's Warrior Within Sneaks Thru The Night

Prince is a long awaited dog out of my favourite female. We also call him Puppy, Tichinka, Cheero and Papeer. He is very lovely puppy, friendly but no nosy. He loves to eat, play, car ride and his best friend is our aussie Party. He is tender at home but crazy outside. He turns into a dragon! His favourite activity is running across the field or thru the tunnels. He is very clever and it's easy to teach him everything. We qualified for Cruft's 2020 and ended up as a RESERVE there. He became BOB minor puppy and we are preparing for junior class right now. We would like to do agility, herding, shows and canicross in the future.

And his pedigree? His mother is the best Abby. BIS MBISS MRBIS AKC GrandCh. Wedgewood's Abracadabra, princess of America, number one border collie female 3 years in a row! She is super cute and super sweet. I saw her photo and I absolutely fell in love with her. Prince's father is Night. AKC Ch. Elite 'twas The Night At Wedgewood who is son of Bravo, grandson of Slick. Before I decided to welcome Tex in my life I had been waiting for a puppy from Bravo's litter. Slick wasn't so known in Europe in that time. Instead of Bravo is Tex in my home, so I guess Prince is my destiny dog. Slick is the best show border collie in USA history. He has the most BIS titles. He was awarded BIS 50x, he was 200x BIG1 including BIG1 from Westminster show. Night's mother is Quiz. Very pretty female, AKC Grandchampion, she did agility and obedience. All Night's siblings are beautiful border collies, they do agility, obedience and herding. Abby had 2 litters before. From her first litter come Channing, #1 Border Collie in Canada, Grandchampion, Multi herding group winner... Out of second litter are Flash, Reign and Abner. Three beautiful boys, already Champions and Grandchampions, good at agility and herding. This pedigree predestines puppies to be beautiful border collies suitable for sports and herding. I appreciate american breeders because they breed beautiful dogs, but they still know border collie should be able to work. Thank you Deb for letting me co-own this boy. I will do the best I can with little Prince.

The name of our little boy is related to well known game from Ubisoft. Prince of Persia. The second part of trilogy was named Warrior Within, the protagonist of this series is the Prince. "The Prince is a warrior, a master of sword fighting, with uncommon acrobatic agility. His magic sword allows him to control the sand and the time." The rest of the name of our puppy is in honour of his father - Night.


  • qualification Cruft's show 2021
  • 3x qualification Cruft's show 2020
  • RESERVE at Cruft's show 2020
  • Juniorchampion SK
  • BOB minor puppy
  • VP1
  • Junior BOB (2x)
  • CAJC (6x)
  • res. CAC (2x)
  • Excellent 1 (7x)
  • Excellent 2 (3x)
  • Excellent 3 (3x)
  • Excellent
  • Junior class Winner
  • 2nd place - junior (UK)
  • 3rd palce - minor puppy (UK)
  • 3rd place - puppy (UK)
  • VHC - puppy (UK)


  • HD: A
  • ED: 0/0
  • Shoulders: clear
  • Luxating patella: 0/0
  • Spondylosis: 0
  • DNA CEA: normal
  • DNA NCL: normal
  • DNA TNS: normal
  • DNA GG: normal
  • Eyes: clear 2019, 2020


  • NHAT
  • ATD
  • TKA
  • ITD
  • TKI
  • NTD
  • TKN